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Accidental Mirror (2015)

Like a bolt from a blurred sky you fell down in the lap of an opportunity. Thank you. Thank you anything that makes me see the new before the past. That makes choosing easy obvious - terribly fucking impossible to deny. Thanks awareness. That you make it far from easy but developing. Want and need my foreign faces because within these expansion brood. Bit by piece on cardboard against the surrounding. Between rooms. A back against a front (side by side). A reflection. In your motion eternity take place. Thank you coincidence. A now.


Paper on cardboard. Green paint roller shaft and an aluminum can. / 200x230 cm



Plastic. Dried paint in different colors and a brush. / 20x45 cm


Cardboard. Used painting tray. Paper. A brush. / 170x110



Cardboard on cardboard with a piece of a yardstick. / 165x130



Filler and a spatula. On cardboard. / 110x85 cm



Black paint in different textures. And staples. / 110x85 cm



Paper. Used plastic bags. A brush. / 360x170 cm



Paper. Folded cardboard. Used painting trays. Leftover from someones painting. / 265x260 cm




Different kind of tape and a little bit of dust. / 37x44x31 cm


Rollers. Stiffened paint i three colors. / 12x23x5 cm



A brush. A white plastic bag and black tape. / 8x34x7 cm


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